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Mythic Oil for Fine and Normal Hair – WHBT [2021]

L’Oréal Mythic Oil

Mythic Oil is a wonderful solution for your hair. Treat your hair with L’Oréal Expert’s Mythic Oil Unique Cream Oil, a supporting hair oil that gives hydration without burdening it. Moreover, an extraordinary enemy of frizz protection.

Containing nutrient-rich avocado oil and cell reinforcement grapeseed oil, Legendary Olive Oil is appropriate for hair types and expertly subdues frizz while daintily sustaining and gleaming hair. Brilliant.

And also, the Hair is kept conditioned and pampered.


The expert presentation of profoundly thought oils to control hair. Your beautician’s mysterious to give nourishment and try to please fiber without influencing it. However, Its recipe, profoundly amassed in argan oil, relax and ensures hair. Its liquid and light surface encourage blow-drying for luxurious hair, amplified to the closures.

  1. The mythic oil is Ideal for detangling the fiber in the wake of shampooing and enlightening it previously or in the wake of drying.
  2. Salon-proof and professional
  3. 48-hour moisture and frizz protection. Thermal protection, heaters up to 230 °.



L’Oreal Mythic Oil Combo Pack for Fine and Ordinary Hair Incorporates:

250 ml L’Oreal Mythic oil cleanser for ordinary/fine hair:

This feeding recipe is improved with osmanthus concentrate and ginger oil. However, this Mythic Oil Cleanser makes the extravagant hair care treatment that has remained in your home salon. Furthermore, the hair is discernibly gentler and given. It also gives this jewel-like cleanser and sparkle.

200 ml L’Oreal Mythic Oil Mask Normal / fine hair:

Supporting hair covers are enhanced with ultra osmanthus concentrate and ginger oil to sustain hair and sparkle finish. However, this cover is ideal for those with fine hair. For some additional extravagance treatment: Apply this item around evening time and go the following morning.

Mythical Original Oil

The expert presentation of exceptionally focused oils to control your hair Nourishes the hair fiber without overloading it. Furthermore, Profoundly gathered in natural argan oil, it mollifies and secures the hair Extended surface to the finishes—however, ideal for delicately detangling the hair fiber.

Mythical Original Oil 30ML

L’Oréal Professionnel

  1. Application: 1 to 2 pressing factors close by, disperse in lengths and finishes, don’t flush.
  2. Limit: 30 ml
  3. Hair Type: Ordinary Hair
  4. Type of hair product: Serum and oils.

Instructions to utilize Mythic Oil:

Dry it:

Moreover, Apply a few portions to the center of wet hair for relaxing and adaptability.

A bit of sparkle:

Warm a portion to your hands and apply dry hair to mid-lengths and closures. This will control frizz and also adds sparkle.

Frizz control:

Apply to dry finishes on a case-by-case basis during the day to control frizz and make a smooth impact.

Add shine to any hairstyle:

Add two drops of Mythic Oil to your most loved styling item—the outcome: sparkle and also, inconceivably delicate hair.

Beauty Tip: Mythic Oil – a legendary oil with an incredible impact! Everything is lovely in it – from bundling to substance—the cost chomps. However, the illustrious consideration is excellent!

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